100% AUTHENTIC DESIGNER BAGS GUARANTEED Free Shipping For All Domestic Orders
100% AUTHENTIC DESIGNER BAGS GUARANTEED Free Shipping For All Domestic Orders
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Welcome to The Fashion Cafe's Frequently Asked Questions page. Here we answer the most commonly asked questions from customer inquiries. We are constantly updating this page, and if you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to fill out the contact form HERE.

Thank you for shopping with us at The Fashion Cafe and have a very fashionable day!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of the designer products sold by The Fashion Cafe authentic?

A: YES! All designer products sold by The Fashion Cafe are 100% AUTHENTIC.


Q: Are all of the products sold by The Fashion Cafe brand new?

A: YES! All of the products sold by The Fashion Cafe are BRAND NEW and have never been used. Every product comes with the original accessories such as dust bags, authenticity cards, and any packaging along with The Fashion Cafe branded packaging.


Q: Where does The Fashion Cafe get all of their designer products from?

A: All of The Fashion Cafe's products are purchased directly from the designer brands and their outlets. 


Q: How do I know that all of your products are authentic?

A: The Fashion Cafe includes images for proof of authenticity for each individual product that we sell. Images indicating authenticity may include photos of serial numbers, date codes, and branding or logos embedded within the actual materials and or hardware. Please be aware that each brand has their own form of authenticity identification. (Example: Gucci uses serial numbers, while Louis Vuitton uses what is a called a "date code"). 


Q: Okay, we have to ask about authenticity again, is everything authentic?

A: Yes, yes, and YES. Everything sold by The Fashion Cafe is 100% AUTHENTIC. We also use a third-party professional authentication service to double check authenticity of each and every product. Please visit the authenticity page for more info.


Q: Do you have a social media account?

A: Yes, visit The Fashion Cafe's Instagram @TheFashionCafeStore.


Q: Do you accept wholesale or bulk orders?

A: YES. Fill out this contact form and tell The Fashion Cafe more about your specific wholesale or bulk order request.


Q: Do you sell to other businesses?

A: YES. Actually, some of our main buyers are actual businesses. If you are a business entity you can either make a purchase through the normal checkout process, or you can use this contact form to inquire about a bulk purchase.


Q: Does The Fashion Cafe ever have any sales or promotions? 

A: YES. Sign up for The Fashion Cafe Newsletter on the bottom of the page to receive news about upcoming special sale events and promotional offers. You will even receive a promo code for a discount off of your next purchase for signing up. 


Q: Do you accept offers or price changes for products?

A: NO. Prices are set for all products that we are selling. We DO NOT accept offers and we DO NOT accept any bargaining or haggling. The prices are the set and final prices for each and every product.


Q: Do part of the proceeds from my purchase really go to charity?

A: YES. Part of the proceeds from each sale at The Fashion Cafe is donated to a charitable cause. 


Q: What is the shipping and handling time for my order?

A: Please read the shipping page for more info. 


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Please read the returns page for more info.


Q: What is The Fashion Cafe's story?

A: If you would like to learn more about The Fashion Cafe, go to our about page.